Survival and news. News is survival.

In this blog I will do survival gear reviews and commentary on news.
Different views on survival gear and methodology only serves to broaden our horizons which isn’t a bad thing. You may disagree with what I write. And that’s fine. Our differing views make life interesting. However we all must acknowledge that both of our points of view unless outright dangerous maybe viable.
As for the news. I have seen the news gloss over some pretty serious issues and not dig as they should to reveal the truth. This upsets me greatly. I want people to know that baby bush okay-ed the sexual torture of children. I want people to know that Obama aides foreign and domestic enemies of the Republic. I think that, those issues are very important.
Both those are my only two goals for this blog. I may insert some politics here and there but I’m mainly about survival and intel ala news and public information. Or information made public via whistle blowers.


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