The walking Dead After action review. Season 1. The woods.

This is my own person opinion of this. And has not been approved of or endorsed by AMC.

My little disclaimer. My little opinion.

Wide open spaces.
The ability to run, the ability to see a good distance from certain places, Animals and insects noises can be alarms(seasonal), plenty of natural resources for defence and sustainment. The individuals also showed a great ability to adapt. A police officer would know about perimeters, and weapons. Anyone who was exposed to a modern military or SHTF show would have at least a rudimentary idea of  defensive perimeters and sustainment operations. Even those exposed to  some history channel shows about ancient man might have some idea of basic military operations. Though implementing them in an effective way might be…Challenging. Plenty of fire power, vehicles, proximity to the city.

salvage operations were not noticably conducted in the in the traffic outside of Atlanta. No noticeable attempt to salvage military weapons or supplies. Set up camps with no thought to look outs or listening posts. No trip wire with cans/flares attached.  Vehicles were no stages to expedite any offensive or defensive applications.


Hunting/gathering life style. EVERYONE has a role. Dominant leadership. Critical thinking and problem solving.

Ideas for improvement.

Have multiple perimeters with different sounds for each.
Multiple sentries.
Over watch.
Small fires. Just enough for SOME heat or to cook/boil water.
Set up decoy camps.
Place noise makers at decoy camps.
Find large cargo truck.
Search for food, water, ammo and supplies for weapons sustainment.

Either make your location tenable or find a local that is made more tenable.

Here’s a scenario.

Rick get’s out of the hospital. He gets saved and helps Morgan get guns and a shower and leaves. All  the rest stays the same except until Rick is in his leadership role. Instead of accepting things the way they are. Lets say he takes charge and lets Shane know that he knows what he and his wife were up to ASAP. And let’s say he just as magnanimous right then and there. And to show him he still trusts Shane he puts him in charge of the security and crew to ensure they are safe.

Now let’s say that these people being the thinkers they are, go back to leave the city. All of the same events happen as before. EXCEPT. Glenn knows that  walkers are prone to come around sound or human activity. So he speeds around a little, pull in front of the others and stop. He gets out and the others stop and he gets in. The car attracts walkers to another location possibly averting the entire camp from being over run.

When they go back for Merle. Instead of leaving their vehicle unprotected. Why not leave a guard with it? if merle is in the city wouldn’t he be leaving to the camp? It would seem to be logical. His brother is there after all. What if others are alive? What if walkers start to surround their vehicle? Just because it never happened before doesn’t mean it it can’t happen.

Now. As these changes occur, the finale may have played out quite differently. Lets see how.
Glenn and his car never made it to the mountain/hill they were camped. So one would assume that the walkers if moving and not in line with their camp would not attack them. Merle lost a lot of blood and cauterized his own wound. Chances are that he was/is at the point of reaching the vehicle he was suffering from shock and possibly loss of blood. So he would have been weak and less than stable.
So the team get their guns from the gang and get back to the vehicle. The find a wounded, upset but very alive merle tied up inside. They drive to the camp, take care of merle and wake up in the morning. Looking at maps searching for a location that will offer protection and is out of the way of direct lines other cities traffic routes. maybe during the nigh the pickets whacked a zombie or two. But no herds walked close enough to warrant a call of distress call or other action.

The point of this is not to say the character or writers are inept. Far from it. The story line is entertaining enough and their actions seem plausible in most circumstances. Sans a few. However one can accept that the wisest decisions are not always made or compromises are made for group peace.

no. This article/blog is about thinking about zombies as survival dummies to think about how you would act prior to a given situation. Like zombies are masses of people after the lights go out after a EMP, Cyber attack or terrorist attack.

The thing is. These opinions of mine are how I see things and how I would improve upon a situation given the facts. That’s What an after action review is about. Looking at what is or has happening and seeing what’s good, bad or sustained. Then improving upon it. By thinking about it you can at least have a mental plan. by training it you can have muscle memory.

Imagine if one of these people had been a prepper. Instead of going to the woods the fellow would do what was recently shown. Going out to look for allies. Asking questions or watching from a far to see if the group met his/her standards. then they could wait months or even years depending on how much was prepped. Let’s imagine this preppers buddies all bit the big one in the apocalypse.

Next I will do the farm.