LAND OF THE FREE! If you’re rich and powerful.

So as I see it today, the U.S caters to those who are in position of power, the power of the word and the power to exert for over the masses. An while similar to things I have said in the past, however this is of a slightly different flavor. You see in those other posts I had hope, that the U.S could be saved from itself. Today I have little hope that the U.S will survive another 10 years, and I’m not talking about surviving as a republic, I’m talking about the U.S surviving as a coherent nation. A land mass of people under a shiftless group of “leaders” who would exert their authority over those whom they would pretend to coddle under that most reviled excuse of caring.

We have seen it, we have seen it already, that they think they know best and operate well outside their authority, and the “news” puts on talking heads lying about how they have this or that authority. The fact of the matter is that the Constitution enumerates the authority of the federal government, and the fact of the matter is, they do not have the authority to do any of what they do today.

1) The feds do not have the authority to rule on matter of religion.

Sodomite marriage has a key word(marriage) in it, and marriage is historically a matter of religion and has been so for thousands of years. The people and the churches should have worked this out themselves. Force is not a viable option to use against a free people, and the use of such force in matters of religion shows we are not free.

2) The feds do not have the authority to make business decisions.

Though we may agree with a “government” mandated business decision, the Constitution gives them no such authority nor should we. As it is now we have businesses operating her in the U.S that should have folded and gave way to businesses with a better product and business model.

3) The feds have ZERO authority to use your tax money to fund murder.

Let’s face it, under the “new scandal” of planned parenthood crushing babies to death all the while plucking organs from their bodies is not just disgusting it breaks, many, many laws. Murder is illegal, the child is OBVIOUSLY alive and is not a matter of debate no matter what the pro murder side says, it’s not end of story. The selling of human body parts for medical research…We executed Nazi’s for the same reason, though they may or may not have been selling body parts. Torture, as in the crushing death of a person while plucking organs from them, I can’t imagine THAT pain, can you?

4) The intrigue of spying on every man woman and not murdered child in the U.S is certainly not authorized in the U.S.

Pundits and would be do gooders, may have excuses for these people, and these programs, but that’s irrelevant. Our liberty is far more important than “government created safety” which is just a cool way of saying we are slaves and we belong to them or they could not be responsible for our safety/well being. The fact of the matter is, that if the people were armed and the National guard, military and police conducted free weapons training we would be markedly far more safe than we are under the protection of the dubious safety net of the police.

I hope these 4 big points help show you just how unfree you and I really are today. These four points are a minimalists guide of liberty, and how free we are not based on the lawlessness we face on a daily basis. I didn’t bring up the multitude of other measurements of force being used upon a “free people” to ensure their cooperation in the “land of the free” and how misguided that is. Do you feel more free today, than you did as a child if you are more than 20 years old? Do you? Do you feel more safe?

I for one do not feel free or safe.