The fiscal cliff and you.

Republicans are at fault.
No, no no. Democrats are at fault.
The real answer is…
Not only are the politicians and the bureaucracies at fault, but you and I are at fault as well. As being the duly appointed government of this republic WE THE PEOPLE have a responsibility a civic duty to ensure we keep in check our representatives. This entails our observance and participation in the political process.
By refusing these people their tyrannical laws we can defeat them.
The link is to a site on jury nullification. I would suggest really studying not only jury nullification but all Constitutional law and supreme court decisions.
Like Marbury V. Madison. Illegal laws are illegal.
Without performing our duty, without taking any responsibility we encourage the very mentality that has lead to the situation we are in.
Like children, those in representative roles must be shown their boundaries and disciplined when they act badly. That is, they must be fired(recall election/vote) or not re elected.
Career politicians must not exist.
I would suggest not paying politicians as they are performing a public duty and if they do get paid they should only be paid a minimum amount.
By not wanting to comment or take notice of politics you are not practising good survival technique. just ask the Katrina and Sandy survivors about that.
In order to “survive” you must be legally allowed to survive. Politics and survival while our representation base is still intact are intimately intertwined.
If we do go over the fiscal cliff and SHTF we will by necessity be facing a new unknown to us situation. If you’ve been to a third world nation you would be able to know, but knowing something is not living it. People say we need to change. We do. We need to take back our position as the politicians and the let the representatives represent us in a Constitutional manner.
More latter.
I hope this give you a little to think about for now though.
It is what’s on my mind for right now.